“Although we belong to a species which spends an alarming amount of its time blowing things up, every now and then we are moved to add gargoyles or garland, stars or wreaths, to our buildings for no practical reason whatever. In the finest of these flourishes, we can read signs of goodness in a material register, a form of frozen benevolence. We see in them evidence of those sides of human nature which enable us to thrive rather than simply survive.”
— Alain De Botton, Architecture of Happiness

The Pattern Printer Project is created by Julia Groth, MFA Design at HDK, Academy of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg.

The Pattern Printer Project rejects the white wall and embraces the dwelling as a creative sanctuary. Walls are for play! On this site you will find three different pattern systems ready for download. Channel your inner tiger and turn your bathroom into a jungle populated with exotic animals, create intricate patterns in the kitchen with the rotation repeat or make your bedroom walls bloom in sensual gradients. The Pattern Printer Project provide the repeats, you make the pattern!

Wallpaper is no longer what it used to be. Plug in the printer and start papering!

Foto by: Rebecca Eskilsson